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"It's Rocket Science...Box Rocket Science!"


Box Rocket are the DJ/Production duo of Dave Remix & Ewan Hoozami, who are here to drop science on the world of Breakbeat and Bass Driven Music.

Drawing on influences from across the musical spectrum the duo fuse pelvis-rattling bass with tough breakbeats, rave ethos and samples with the splash of psychedelic soul. Their only limitation is their imaginations!

Their original productions and remixes combine energy with a groove and a healthy lust for big bass sounds and bigger beats...This is taken even further in their brand new Live Shows and their block rocking DJ Slots!

With a laboratory filled with an arsenal of synths, samples, instruments and records at their disposal the dancefloor won't know what hit it when Box Rocket blasts off!

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Culture Shock: 01 - Box Rocket

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