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"Bass Driven Party Rocking!"


Dave RMX (formerly known as Dave Remix) started out as an Alternative Rock DJ, a career that saw him play at some of the biggest Alternative Club nights in the UK, and gig in some of the biggest clubs on the planet.

During this time, his love affair with dance music developed, and he started mixing beats and breaks into his Indie/Rock and Alternative DJ sets, bringing a new style of DJing to the Alternative Club dancefloor.

Fast forward to now and he has created a monster - by blending the vitality and immediacy of Rock and Alternative music with the big production values and heavy bass of modern club music, and combining this with an ear for a great hook, Dave RMX makes the kind of music that turns dancefloors into a melting pot of heady euphoria.

No longer 'just' a DJ, Dave RMX's production flair and ear for a great mix has seen him earn hundreds of thousands of plays and fans across the globe... This number increases with each new release added to Dave's catalogue.

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HTDJ Soundsystem - Bass Music collective and weekly Podcast.
Box Rocket - Bass Music remixers extraordinaire.
Hardly Subtle - Rare Grooves and Funk meets a happy go lucky flair for the unusual.
Particle Zoo Recordings - label boss.

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Particle Zoo Recordings Discography:

Culture Shock: 02 - Dave Remix
Thermal Dynamix EP

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