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"Nothing is safe, especially the dancefloor!"


Hardly Subtle is a collaboration between The West Country's mash up master and wobbly bass lover Dave RMX and South Coast crate digger extraordinaire and funk rocker Aldo Vanucci.

Born from the mutual love of funky grooves, rap joints, plundered samples and cheeky re-edits the Hardly Subtle boys are here to bring you all those classic tracks you'd forgotten about in a new style, smashed together with unexpected vocals and raps from out of nowhere!

The boys have multiple, original releases across the world on: 7" and 12" vinyl, as well as mp3 downloads. These releases have topped the Juno Breaks and Reggae charts respectively.
Through their facebook page they have also given away a few cheeky mash ups and remixes to boot... Hardly Subtle certainly lives up to their name!

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