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"Bass Music From Across The Genres"


The HTDJ Soundsystem is the DJ collective behind the popular HTDJ Podcast.

Bass Music has taken the world by storm...
Not tied to a single genre it's a sound that makes you want to get up, jump around and throw shapes in ever direction. This is one of main ethos relating to the music that we play...Energetic and Fun while being serious dance music for all to enjoy! 
Big bass tunes, future anthems, bass driven remixes and classic cuts are all in the mix.

The HTDJ Soundsystem is made up of DJs:Dave RMXLusix and Phillex and draws from all areas of Bass Music Culture.

"We don't restrict ourselves to any genre, so expect to hear Dubstep getting down next to Twerk, Trap and Drum n Bass, whileGlitch Hop is getting cosy with Breaks, Drumstep and Bassline House, amongst others."

Whether you are looking for a guest DJ slot or room hosts playing all night long the HTDJ Soundsystem can fulfil all your Bass Music partying needs.

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